Finding and Sharing Home Decor Pieces with a Story.  

Our style isn't defined by a phrase or a trend. We source all of our pieces to fit our own sense of design from unique sources and bring you only the best. 



Some of our favorite pieces show the age and stories that they've been through. They add one of a kind character and make your home unique. From tarnishing, rust, or aged book bindings, aged pieces are our specialty. 


DSC_1323 copy.jpg

There's nothing better than piece that add some memories and some rustic charm. If its your whole house or just some touches for the season, rustic charm is always a favorite. 


DSC_0491 copy.jpg

No matter what, our pieces have to be unique. We want to only source finds you can't snag just  anywhere. We want pieces that will stand out and keep things interesting.